McElroy Family

Not enough words can describe this beautiful family.  The McElroy’s are beautiful people inside and and out.  I absolutely adore this family and grateful to have been able to photograph them at such a beautiful desert location.  Best of all, the family is showcasing Gabby’s sister’s clothing line, The Back Lot the beautiful olive romper baby sister is looking so adorable in, the boys and dad’s thermals, and the beautiful tops that sister and mom are wearing.  I love this brand for my boys, and wont disappoint!

The weather was perfect and the lighting was amazing.  I was in photographers heaven with this family session.

Say Yes to New Adventures

Say Yes to new adventures.  This past weekend taking our four old Ethan to San Francisco for the first time gave me a new perspective to saying “yes” to new adventures…in photography, family, and my personal life. Being able to watch Ethan chase the waves so happily and carefree alongside his dad, gave me so much happy in my heart.  AND being able to capture and relive these moments…priceless.  It made my heart melt that as his mom, I was able to capture these moments for him to look back at int years to come.  THIS opportunity I had to shoot for myself gave me a renewla of creativity and meaning of my way and purpose.  To capture my baby boy in this state gave me so much hope and joy for what is to come.. new adventures…YES!!