Justin and Natalie: A Little Love, Coke, and Cherry Pie Is All You Need

I was so excited to do this shoot with Natalie and Justin.  Natalie was a good friend of mine in college and then I found out she would be a cousin of mine!  Justin and Natalie have great charisma in front of the camera and really know how to have fun.  

I decided I wanted to do a fun, vintage shoot that revolved around, of course, Coca Cola!  I  went to many local antique stores to find the perfect props.  I searched high and low for vintage Coca Cola crates, but I finally found them, whew.  Natalie did a fantastic job with the wardrobe and it went with the theme perfectly!   Thanks again Natalie and Justin, you Rock!

Until Next Time,

Avere una bella giornata!  (Have a beautiful day!)



Welcome to my new blog!  I am so excited to share my love of art and capturing these beautiful, artistic moments.  A lot of thought, planning, and love go into each photograph.  Having a creative, artistic edge is what Bei Momenti is all about.  I would love to share a couple of images taken from my most recent creative shoot:  A little love, Coke, and Cherry Pie is all you need with two amazing models Justin and Natalie.  They are so photogenic and just had fun in the moment.  Of course, there is more photos to come, but for my launch I just had to share!

Until Next Time,

Avere una bella giornata! (Have a beautiful day!)