Coca Cola Family- The Murphys

The Murphy’s are such an amazing and beautiful family!  We had such a fun time with this shoot.  Crysti did such an amazing  job with coordinating the outfits with the location and props!  This family truly is the “Coca Cola Family” (maybe more so Diet Coke)  but that is what makes this shoot sooo fitting for the Murphy’s.  The boys where quite excited when I told them they didn’t have to smile and they held their end of the bargain quite well (I was able to capture a few smiles HA!).  I just loved editing these… the color just popped perfectly.  Thank you to the Murphy Family for their time and funess.

Until Next Time,

Avere una bella giornata!  (Have a beautiful day!)


When Life Brings Lemons…Make Lemonade and Best Friends!

These two little girls are the cutest!  The truly are best friends.  They were just perfect for this creative lemonade stand shoot!  The outfits were made by one of the mothers… can you say perfect?  Various vintage style props where used along with lots and lots of lemons!  I was lucky that my grandfather built the stand.  When you fell like life has brought you lemons… make lemonade and best friends.  You’ll find laughter and sunshine everywhere!

Until next time,

Avere una bella giornata!  (Have a beautiful day!)