Kella {High School Senior}

Wow, I was one lucky girl for the this session!  Kella is one gorgeous senior, not only does she have the looks, she has the smarts too!  She will be graduating from Wooster High School in June from the IB program there.  She will be attending UNR in the fall and will be going right into Med School since the IB program has allowed her to take college credit in high school.  She is a superstar!  

I also had the opportunity to take a few with her and her boyfriend Parker.  {Goodness, I certainly had high school flashbacks editing this session}.  He too will be graduating from Wooster from the IB program as well.  Congratulations to the both of you!  You both will make dreams happen! Much Love.


Mathews {Family}

I absolutely loved the Mathews family!  Their 3 beautiful girls were absolutely the most amazing girls to photograph.  I am so excited for the moments that I was able to capture.  The twins certainly kept me busy, but it was worth every minute for the smiles and laughter and CUTENESS I was able to get!  When I saw the outfit ideas, I had to get flower halos made up.  These beautiful flower halos were made by my great friends Anna and Frank at Amys Flowers in Sparks.  She does amazing work, and she puts up with me when I want to get the halos made up.  

Thank you for the opportunity capture your beautiful moments and unfold your family’s beautiful story! Much Love!

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