Crowshaw {Family}

What an incredible honor it was to spend the evening with this amazingly beautiful family.  The Crowshaw’s live in Chico and were in Reno for the weekend and I got the amazing opportunity to photograph the family.  Jessica herself is an incredible fellow photographer.  I loved the energy they had and they totally made my work easy, I just had to focus and shoot.  I guess that is what happens when your mom is photographer,  you know what to expect… maybe?!  It was a beautiful evening (a few clouds decided to come by) you wouldn’t even know that is snowed a couple days before, ha!  Much Love!


Kirsten {High School Senior}

It was such a lovely day to spend a little time with Kirsten (besides the super  cold, windy day, and the snow that feel the morning before), the lovely Kirsten brighten the day up!   It was such an honor to photograph Kirsten, I have known her for a few years, and the beautiful young women that she has become has certainly put a smile on my face.  I wish her the best on her journey of life and can not wait to see the journey she unfolds!  Much love!