Hendrix {Family}

It’s that beautiful time of year of beautiful colors, sweet smells, cool breezes, and family time!  I love fall.  Such a perfect time of year. I get to see the beautiful families that I have the opportunity to capture year after year.  The beautiful Hendrix Family I have been capturing since I first started!!  It’s been amazing to me to watch this beautiful family grow… and it almost made me cry with tears of joy editing this session to see how these beauties are growing up so fast!  Not to mention see how I have grown as a photographer.  I am so grateful for what I do and appreciate all the families I have captured and I have yet to capture.  Let’s make this fall season a fun one! Much Love!


Seevers {Family}

Such a delightful evening with the Seevers Family!  How lucky I was to meet them at a wedding I photographed in June.  I was so excited to have met them, but I was quite excited that they wanted some family pictures done.  Right place at the right time.  I just loved the color and light we received for this session.  So delightful!  Much Love!