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Inspired by everyday life. Here’s about me and a few of my favorite things.

“Inspire others by being simply you.”


Oh Hey!

I’m Amber.  I’m so excited to share my photography journey with you! Photography… It’s more than a portrait to me.  It’s a beautiful story waiting to unfold.  It’s a story of connection, emotion, and love.

As a mom I get it… we get caught up in the busyness of everyday life.  I cherish those raw, beautiful moments with my family.  As a photographer, I love capturing those beautiful moments of connection and love of a family or a high school senior excited to begin the next chapter of their life or a beautiful couple on their wedding day. As your photographer,  you will have the opportunity to spend precious time to make beautiful memories with those you love as I capture these beautiful moments and unfold your beautiful story for you and your family to cherish for a lifetime.

I am married to my high school sweetheart.  We share so many wonderful, beautiful memories together with our two beautiful boys.  My family inspires me everyday to push my self to become better and follow my dreams.

I love dance music, sushi, running and crossfit, reading, and traveling.

Hey there!

I am Amber photographer/boymom/wife/health and fitness enthusiast who is obsessed with Halo Top ice cream, EDM music and most days you’ll find me chasing two energetic boys around the house and cleaning up messes.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart Eric since 2004.  We’ve been able to travel to some amazing cities to eat prestigious food like Italy, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Napa.  Want to know a good restaurant to eat?  Email me!

We have been blessed with two sassy, energetic boys Ethan and Nathaniel “Nate” or “the Naterator”.   Ethan loves basketball and Nate loves playing with cars and reading book in his little corner.

When I am not chasing two boys, editing photographs, or running, I am reading an inspiring book, taking a hot bath, eating a tub of Halo Top ice cream, or roaming the aisles of Target.

I love serving the world by capturing wonderful family memories, encouraging others to believe in life’s greatest possibilities, and inspiring others to reach their full potential in photography, motherhood, and health and fitness.  It’s a crazy world out there, but I believe anything is possible in life if you think you can do it and are willing to work hard to get it.

I photograph families in Reno/Tahoe but am always up for new adventures to new places.  I love capturing the real moments of time that can easily be passed by in our crazy day to day lives.

I believe that life is full of great possibilities.  By working on small things each day,  over time bigger and better changes will happen.

I love to serve people who struggle with everyday life… I am the mom of two boys I get it!  How do we find time in our day to love and nourish ourselves as moms? How do we become more present and enjoy the moment with our kids rather than being rushed or preoccupied?   How do we spend more time together as a family to make memories come alive?  These are questions we ask our selves everyday right?!  Through learning and growing as a mom, I’ve created this space to share tips, ideas on photography, motherhood, and health and fitness that I find that works for me with hope that it can help you. If you have any ideas or tips I’d love to hear from you!

Still with me?  Let’s connect!  Contact me (insert link to contact me page here), join the Beimomenti community for a monthly dose of inspiration stright to your inbox (insert an email link here), or follow me @beimomenti.story on instagram!

Let’s live life with a little bit more courage and beauty every day shall we?  Just like what Beimomenti means, live the good times.

A few of my


  • 1. I never skip a GOOD BOOK. I love being inspired by others and improving myself daily. Reading is the gateway to the most beautiful knowledge.
  • 2. Love my RUNNING SHOES. Every time I put them on I feel like I can conquer any mental challenge.
  • 3. I am known for MESSY BUNS because girl, you just need to put your messy bun high and give yourself a high five.
  • 4. Addicted to HALO TOP because a good pint of Halo Top makes everything better.
  • 5. Life is better with EDM MUSIC. Makes you run faster and dance like no ones watching.

About Me