What I Learned Through the Eyes of a Military Recruit

This past weekend I had an opportunity to attend my first military graduation. I had no idea what to expect from it. All I knew  I was going to support and cheer on my little brother. I didn’t know much about the military really, just that they are brave to put their life on the line for this country. But I had a huge realization as I hugged my brother in tears after he had graduated, that this moment was more powerful than I would have ever imagined that I was hugging more than just my brother, I was hugging a hero.  A hero the would leave a small impact in in his sisters heart.
It’s all about the breaking point. That moment that breaks you down to the point you realize you have two choices… to break through and face your fears or to keep going to down the path of no return.
The men and women who graduated alongside my brother chose to face their fears and to keep going. Imagine being stripped of your identity, with a shaved head, being yelled at because a shirt wasn’t folded properly so you have to fold that same shirt the whole entire day over and over again. Imagine being locked in a small gas chamber with several other people where you are held for a moment to experience what it is like to have tear gas on you.
Sometimes we have to break to bring ourselves up doesn’t mean we are broken, but we have to fave tough challenges in our lives to bring ourself up from where we were. That is the one powerful thing I took away from this experience. We have challenges in our life that seem hard to get through but through these moments its the choices we make to either allow it to break us more or to allow it as an opportunity to grow and to strengthen us.
I asked Luke (my brother), what was the number one thing he took from his time from boot camp and he told me that No matter how hard you get hit, there’s a way to come back. Before he left for boot camp, he told me he was nervous about running. He had been working on it but still wasn’t there yet. His first runs at boot camp weren’t up to standards. He had to complete a final run to make the pass to graduate. He shaved 4 minutes off his time! He told us stories of how he got sick and they pushed him back in ranks because of it.  But the lesson was that you will always come back from being hit hard because you find the determination to work even harder to get you even further.
Our moments of weakness are the most valuable moments of our lives. They are the moments we have to strengthen to push you further than you ever gone before. Being brought down then brought up shows you the possibilities of what can be.
Even though you may not have endured as much as military bootcamp puts you through, we all face challenges that will bring us down.  We are 100% responsible for our own life and how we endure through the hard things. we can allow them to bring us down or bring us up, the choice is yours to make.
I recall a time when I felt down like I had no other way out and I din’t know how to get out so I played the victim.  I allowed myself to be the victim that everyone else was to blame for the pain I was feeling, my parents, my husband, you get it.  It was such a lonely road to go down.  When I knew I couldn’t go any further feeling like I did, I took control.  I sought help.  I educated myself on the things that I knew that would help. I read books. Took courses, but most of all took responsibility.  I didn’t have a military person yell at me, but I had the voice inside my head telling me I needed to change.
If you feel that you are broken right now in life, your aren’t broken, know that you can face the challenge your facing as an opportunity to bring yourself back up and take responsibilty for the life you have been given!  There you will find true joy and happiness.
Be Awesome,

7 Powerful Ways to Learn to Love Your Body

There many times in my life that I look in the mirror and see the person looking back at me and endlessly nick pick everything about that person.I was ashamed of the body I had.  I was embarrassed.  I hated how clothes fit me.  I was always so overwhelmed but didn’t know what to do. I had a problem with accepting myself for I was because I never felt cute or pretty.  I felt subconscious in everything I wore.  I didn’t know how to truly  love myself or my body.  I felt that the reason I never got further in life was because I wasn’t pretty enough or skinny enough get there.  I blamed my looks for a lot of things in life.  But now I realize it was not the way I looked at all but the fact I wasn’t truly loving myself.

My journey of self love has taught me so much.  To love myself for who I truly am.  That health and fitness is a tool to become stronger and to love myself for the way I push myself with each workout.  Having love for myself has  taught me to gain real authentic confidence in myself and loving the women looking back at me everyday.  The journey hasn’t been easy and there have been many moments of weakness.  But the way I feel about who I am now is worth the tears and moments that felt like defeat.

Loving your body is a hard thing to do especially in a society that sets so many unrealistic expectations on you.  Yes I believe in the power of moving your body each day because for one I’m predisposed to diabetes, I lived with family that had weight issues and saw the effects it can have on a person, and I love the way I feel.

If you struggle with looking the mirror each day loving the person looking back at you, there is hope in finding that true love for your self. Today, I am sharing with you some ways that have helped me overcome these struggles of loving my body in my life.  Know that you are not alone in the journey of loving yourself.

These are some of the ways that have helped me to love who I am today:

  1. Stop blaming.  Stop blaming your body and others around you.  You are in control of your thoughts and actions.  If you want change then make up your mind now to change and take action.
  2. Don’t live on a comment from elementary school.  Oh my gosh.  I remember when I was literally called fat in school by a boy. I let that one comment stew for years and let it affect how I thought about myself of how fat I was for years.  Just stop letting Bobby’s comment from 6th grade bother you at the age of 34.
  3. Every body is different.  This is hard one to digest but it’s true.  Every body is different.  My body is different than the mom sitting next to me.  If you want to loose weight, then love your body that you have now.  Show it compassion.  Don’t compare it to Suzy.
  4. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how incredible you are because you really are.
  5. Stop thinking you’ll be happy when…. I loose 15 ibs … hold that thought for a hot minute because it’s not going to take over night.  It’s going to take time but it will happen.  Be happy and celebrate your success along the way.
  6. Do things that make you feel exceptional.  Working out, personal growth books, self care, working in my faith all give me all the goods to make me feel alive and in love with myself.
  7. Stop comparing yourself to others and love the  the body God blesses you with!

Remember you are truly a beautiful person and compliment that person looking back at you everyday.  Go through each day with a smile on your face knowing that you are loving yourself for who who are.

Be Awesome,


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