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How My Mental and Physical Health has Inspired Me in Motherhood

My journey started long before motherhood.  I grew up around others that struggled with mental  and physical health issues. As a matter of fact I remember being told that it runs in the family and I’m susceptible to it.  I do believe that there are certain genetics that can cause certain things, but I also believe that there are ways to cope with mental illness so that you can live with it but not let it run your life.

I witnessed how mental illness can lead to health issues by using food as a coping mechanism or not having the energy to do anything at all.  I’ve seen how mental and physical health can land people you love in divorce or the hospital with heart failure and almost dying in their hospital bed.

I had issues both mentally and physically growing up.  Mentally I felt lonely and suffered from low self esteem and physically I had no boundaries with food.

Years later in my life would be when I’d start to put the pieces together like a puzzle that I needed to change.

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant with my first son that was a true blessing in disguise.  I took the steps in the right direction to not only change for my growing baby, but to create a lifestyle beyond birth.  I knew I wanted to have another baby and I didn’t want to have to go through the same routine I did with my first so change was necessary.  I learned what I needed to do to be healthy.  I started working out and running and stayed with my nutritionist until after my second son was born.

After my second son,  I felt different.  I felt down. I cried a lot.  I felt empty.  Here I was with a two beautiful boys and I had no feelings to show for it.  I was easily offended and I cried.  I was irritable and didn’t want to do anything. Months later I  found out I was suffering from sever anxiety and depression. That everything from my past had come crushing down on me like a ton of bricks.

I was a mother now with two beautiful boys that deserved something far more than what I had experienced from my past.  And that’s when I decided that my family needed me to be all in for them so I made the change to become better for them.

My journey has helped me to lead by example for my kids.  To know what it means to be healthy and to make good food choices.  They know what it means to be mentally healthy and happy in life and that is all I wanted for them was to have a mom that was there for them to show them that life is worth living.

I have been able to take my past experiences to motivate me to fuel the fire to be one a better version of myself for me and my family.  It has been my ultimate goal for a long time and know that if I wasn’t blessed with the challenging health issues with both pregnancies I wouldn’t have probably been motivated to change my ways and who knows where I’d be.  Everyday I feel grateful for these challenges because it’s made me a healthier, and far better mom, wife, and person.

My journey with mental and physical health has truly inspired me as a mom to do and be better for my boys and for that I am grateful.

Be Awesome,


PS If you struggle with your health your not alone and there is opportunity to change!  if you would like to know more about the tools that have helped me overcome my mental and physical health challenges my inbox is always open and I’d be happy to chat with you more about it and how we can get you on the right track to success!

Ways to Embrace Motherhood With Multiple Kids

I think we can agree as mothers especially when you have more than one child, it is easy to let ourselves down and allow ourselves to get overwhelmed and anxious.  I knew I wanted to have more than one child because it made sense that they have a sibling to hang out with, but I never imagined how challenging it could be.  You just learn to put your mama pants on and just do it.

I invited one of my good mama friends, Amanda, on the blog today to share her journey in motherhood.  She recently had twins and has Addy her sweet little toddler and boy she inspires me with how she handles three under three with grace.  I took these photos with them and she admired me so much with her grace and love with her children during the session.  I am so excited to share her thoughts and tips with you today!

Hi loves! I’m Amanda, mama to a sweet two year old toddler and nine month old boy/girl twins! You can find me on Instagram over on my motherhood page, @three.darling.littles. I couldn’t be more honored to be a guest on Ambers blog today and it means even more to me that she asked me to share tips on motherhood/being a mama of multiples for such a special holiday, Mother’s Day! This day means so much to me for so many reasons and I see it as a chance to celebrate and praise all of you incredible mamas out there, you’re not celebrated enough!

First off… Guys… motherhood is HARD! I have learned and continue to learn so much about myself through this journey and there has been a lot of growth in all aspects of my life since becoming a mama. By no means am I an expert on motherhood but through my journey I have learned, grown, loved, cried (like a lot), triumphed, prevailed, failed and trusted. Trusted this journey, trusted myself, trusted my partner, trusted my children, trusted the unknown… being a parent truly is the hardest and most rewarding job there is out there. Long days, tired nights, kissing boo boos, feeding babies, being teachers, friends, wives, running a household, being the glue that holds it all together and safe place to land for these sweet little babies. It’s a job that never ends but a job that comes with so much reward and LOVE!

Being a mom in this day in age can be so intimidating and scary! Not only do we have the pressure of society, but we also live in the age of social media where the perfect super mom image is blasted everywhere! Suddenly becoming a new mom has so much added pressure! Research, books, classes, blogs there is information literally everywhere! So much so that it can be overwhelming at times! I know it certainly was for me!

I wish I could write you a perfectly scripted manual with tips on the perfect way to Mom… the truth is, I don’t believe there is one! There are so many different and right ways to Mom and through each of our individual journeys, we find what works for us. Some of the things that I have learned that have helped me overcome and that I hope can help someone else do the same are these…

Comparison! The icky C word. As much as we try not to, we all do it. Comparison truly is the thief of joy! Our journeys, our children, us as moms, our homes, our marriage… they are all different! If you’re constantly comparing your journey to that of someone else you will never find joy through your own! This has been my biggest area of growth throughout these last few years. Trust me it has taken work! Just remember mamas that you are exactly the person these children need you to be and there is no one better for them then you! trust your journey because it is yours and yours alone!

Celebrate your wins! As little as they are, celebrating your wins can make a world of difference! It’s important to recognize that everything you’re doing is all for a purpose and if you’re constantly focusing on everything you haven’t done as opposed to all the things you’ve already done and accomplished, there will always be that feeling of not doing/being enough. You are keeping humans alive! You are doing THE most important job there is, that in itself is the biggest win! On the days you only get a few things done, still see those things as a win! On the days you do surprise yourself and get your entire to do list done, PRAISE yourself even louder, you deserve it mama!

Me time! Me time is one of the most important ways to reset for me. Us mamas wear so many hats and we’re constantly pouring from our own cups to fill the cups of others. If we don’t stop to refill our own cup, our cups run dry and there’s nothing left to give! Focusing even just fifteen minutes a day for yourself is so important. Drink your coffee hot, have a shower, workout, read a book eat your lunch in peace! Do something for you that will help you reset and recharge! I promise a reset makes the world of difference!

Find your tribe! There is so much community in motherhood mamas, I promise, you are not alone! Reach out to someone going through something similar even if it’s on social media! You would be surprised by the outcome of reaching out to someone with a similar journey! Find a tribe that loves you, supports you, lifts you up when you rise, catches you when you fall, encourages you and motivates you to be the best version of yourself. My tribe keeps me level and recharged on my hardest days and our mission together is to always make each other and other mamas know that YOU are not alone!

To all of you beautiful mamas don’t ever forget that you are STRONG, you are CAPABLE, you are a WARRIOR, you are RESILIENT, you are AMAZING and you are EXACTLY the mama you need to be for these babies! Trust your journey, give yourself SO much grace and remember that you are not alone! Let’s celebrate ourselves and each other and create a unite in motherhood so strong that it will start to move mountains!

By sharing motivating, empowering motherhood, I know we can all change how the world sees motherhood and I hope the expectations for perfection start to subside because there is so much beauty in imperfection… there is so much beauty in motherhood! I’m always here if you ever want to reach out or be heard mamas, and I would love to hear your stories! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you amazing mamas out there! I see you and am rooting for you all!!

Xoxo, Amanda



Thank you Amanda for these tips and sharing your motherhood heart and journey today!

Be Awesome,


PS Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Give the gift of memories to that special mama in your life.  Gift Certificates are available for any photo session.  Contact me to order  a gift for the special mama in your life!


Ways to Push Through Fear and Out of Your Comfort Zone

We all experience fear in our lives wether we know it or not.  Hidden fears are usually what holds us back from perusing goals that we have for ourselves.

Some of the most common fears that most people  experience include fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of uncertainty, and fear of being judged.

I have experienced most these fears in my life.  For example For the longest time fear of not being good enough had impacted a lot of my life.  That I wasn’t pretty enough, had enough followers or had what it took to succeed.  Once you can realize that you are just as capable as any one and let go, there’s something powerful that happens and you just do it anyway regardless.

Fear of being judged and caring what others think of you or reverse it to comparing yourself to others is toxic!   If people are judging you for the way you live your life that’s their problem.  There will be nay sayers that don’t agree and you just have to get over it… period.  I struggled with comparison and comparing yourself is deathly and is a serious dream crusher.  It steels so much happiness and joy out of life.

You don’t know where it will take you if you don’t try.  Fear of uncertainty is completely understandable but you never know where life will take you if you don’t take the leap of faith no matter how scary it seems.  You’ll never know who you’ll become from the experience of taking the leap. I have learned that it’s about the journey of going after your dreams not actually achieving them. From taking big leaps in life, I have been fully able to let go of fear and find true joy in life.

Some ways that you can push through fear and out of comfort zone can be:

  • Take the leap and do it anyways.  What is you want to become?  A photographer? A coach? A blogger? A stay at home mom?  Just take the leap and just start.  Multi passionate like me? Do it!  But I only suggest focusing on a couple at a time.  This is a call to action in your life so just do it now… not tomorrow… now!
  • Be vulnerable: this. Is. Scary.  Being vulnerable is seriously one of the hardest things for me.  It truly brings out a lot of fears including being judged or not good enough. We live in a storytelling society and people want to know, like, and trust you.  Being vulnerable is hands down the most scariest things BUT through it I have come to really dig deeper into who I am and being able to share my journey has truly helped me get thoughts out and perhaps inspiring someone else along the way.
  • Turn fear into fun: make overcoming fears fun.  When I am challenged to do something, I’ve just been doing it without a second thought.  The worst that can happen your in the same spot you are now Right?!  But overtime you just keep challenging fears and making  a game out of it and the journey  just might take you further than you thought.  Know that it won’t be over night results BUT overtime challenging yourself just might get you beyond the dreams you had for yourself.
  • Have courage.  Be a warrior.  Fears are no easy task to get away from but know that it can happen!  Have courage within yourself to let go of the limiting beliefs holding you back.  Work on your mindset everyday that gives you hope and excitement for the future.  You are encouraged to work on your mindset everyday.  Thats were it all begins.  Start out by having gratitude or writing in your journal on how you can take your fears to help you move forward.

Most fears don’t come to pass and they are most of the time a imaginary thing your brain is telling you because fear is a defense mechanism telling your brain to stay away from danger.  But what danger does setting goals and going after them bring to you?  Nothing!  It was a struggle for me for the longest time, but the more I work on it, say YES to the things that scare me the most… I feel those fears taking me out of my comfort zone every day.

Have belief in yourself that you can push through those fear barriers and really grab ahold of your goals and dreams.  I believe in YOU!  Pick one fear this week and push through it!

Be Awesome,