5 Things I am Doing To Prepare For My First Marathon

When I decided to run a marathon,  I made the decision to just do it… I didn’t think about it, i just registered.  To be honest when I made up my mind I was still training for my first half marathon.

I knew that if I had thought about it, I’d procrastinate on registering and I would  figure out a million reasons why running a marathon was such a bad idea.  But now that I have made the decision to do it,  I think why not run a marathon?  I have nothing to loose by doing it and everything to gain from it.  For me it’s about focusing on the finishing the race.

Training for my first marathon,  I am learning so much from it and thought I’d share with you the top 5 things that have helped me 14 weeks out to prepare myself for race day race day.

  • Mindset.  This has been my number one priority leading up to race day is having a positive mindset to keep myself going even when I get tired or don’t feel like running.  It is easy to tell your mind all the reasons why you can’t run today.  I have just trained my body to realize when an excuse comes up to just get my shoes on anyways.  Having a positive attitude and giving yourself mental high fives along the way training or running will take you a long way.  Another fun thing I do is when I’m out running, when I see another runner, I will give them a high five.  It’s really helped give me that extra motivation to know I’m cheering other runners on and gives me a confidence boost too!
  • Find a plan that fits your lifestyle.  I researched, used apps, and played around with different plans.  I have found that you just have find one that fits your lifestyle.  As I was figuring out my training schedule 100 days out,  I actually received an email from On running with a first timers guide to marathon running that had a schedule with it.  It was perfect timing and I loved how it fit into my lifestyle and was simple to follow.  You can check it out here.
  • Strength Training.  Strength training helps you perform and feel better as a runner.  It helps strengthen muscles that you don’t use while running and can correct muscle imbalance that can help you run better.   If you are going to run and do strength training the same day, run first then lift.
  • Run a half marathon first. I am so happy I ran a half marathon first to get my feet wet before a full marathon.  I learned from my mistakes with the first race and can implement what I learned in my training for the full marathon.
  • Study the course.  I have been to the Bay Area many times and that is why I chose San Francisco.  I love the city and the sights I’ll be able to run on race day.  For me, being able to run long distances with beautiful new sites along the way have helped me to become more excited about racing. I rarely look at local races because I know the area.  Being able to race in a different city makes me more motivated to do it.  Since I’m not from the area, I have been studying the course and some of the obstacles I might be up against like the notorious San Francisco Hills. This way I am prepared what to work on before race day.

If you have an opportunity to visit the course if your out of area before race day, that can be essential too.  I recently was in San Francisco and one of the areas of the course  I felt inclined to run while there was the Golden Gate Bridge.  I ran the 3.5 mile from one end to the other.  It was one of the areas I was most excited about but had a bit of fear of but now I know that I can run it on race day confidently. Another thing I learned was running in such humidity my body is inclined to heat rash so I know to dress in cooler clothing.  I wouldn’t have known this if I hadn’t been prepared before hand.

These are some of the tips I have learned that I hope will help you as you prepare for for marathon.  It’s such an exciting, but crazy decision to make.  Just know if I can do it, so can you!

Be Awesome,


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9 Time Save Tips for Busy Moms

Pet unicorns sound like a fun idea but in actuality they don’t exist. Kind of like having free time in a day sounds awesome but does it really exist?

Are you s busy mom who always has these ideas in mind if things to do like working out but at the end of the day you are just tired from all chaos?

I have two energetic boys who take up a lot of time in the day. I have huge goals for myself and finding time to do all the things plus being their for my boys can get a bit tricky at times.

It happens I know but there are ways you can make your day just a little bit easier to carve out some time for YOU to focus on your goals or just have a moment of free time!

  • Say no: we as moms will have times in motherhood where I children will want to do basketball camps or ballet lessons. Focus one the thing your child really wants to do. Say no to other things that aren’t worth the effort and won’t help your family reach individual goals or your own personal goals. Saying no to things that won’t bring you joy just say no. It’s worth the no than over exhausting yourself and your family.
  • Making most of your morning: mornings can get a bit stressful trying to get ready for the day. I wake up an hour earlier before anyone else to get some me time in before the chaos of the day starts. I start the day with prayer, scripture study, devotional, journal writing, planning the day, and read a personal growth book. Once the kids get up, I cook breakfast and then I do a little bit of work before it’s time to go to preschool or whatever is planned for the day. Other time saving morning tips can be gave lunches and snacks prepared the night before and having shoes together. Nothing is more obnoxious than trying to find a shoe right as you are leaving out the door.
  • Put free time on the calendar: whatever it is you like to do on your free time… put it on the calendar! Want to go to target alone? Put it on the calendar. Want to read a book? Put it in the calendar. I schedule my hour in the morning to read and journal, I schedule my workouts and running so everyone knows when it’s time for me to do me. It’s non negotiable. You just have to learn to carve the time out in between school pick ups, lunch dates with friends, and play dates. “Just like we make the time to go to the grocery store, we also need to make the time to take care of ourselves,” says Amy Cooper Hakim
  • Keep track how you spend your time: keeping track of how your time is didn’t daily can help you get a big picture of where your time is being spent and where you can improve. I keep a schedule on my google calendar and keep the appointments I made to myself.
  • Batch tasks: you don’t have to answer an email or an Instagram message every time one comes in. Schedule a block of time to do all your messages. Schedule errands all on the same day. If you are able to use a service like instacart to do your grocery shopping… it’s seriously is a time saver rather than hauling two boys around the grocery store for a trip the would be 10 minutes and ends up being 45 minutes. Set a timer o tasks that you know that can easily suck you in like Pinterest or instagram.
  • Put yourself first on the calendar then your errands and everything else that can be done throughout the week. Schedule your me time and if your a at home working mom, carve that time to work on your goals.
  • Have your kids help: kids can learn to help prep meals, make lunches, clean the bathrooms, and empty the dishwasher. Make it a game have chart with a reward. My boys love to help put their lunches together, emptying the dishwasher, and folding kitchen towels.
  • You don’t have to do it all: and resist the idea that you have too! Other parents are just as stressed as you are so help each other out by doing car pools to activities or events. Or if you don’t have school age children ask your significant other to help with the kids as you do something for you.
  • Getting healthy together: if you are like me and love to live a healthy lifestyle get your kids involved! I just went on a long run for my marathon training and my husband and kids came picked me up at a destination place. They were all about the high fives and good job mom! Get them involved in working out with you. Go on hikes and family walks. It’s about making them feel like they are involved and in the mean time you are leading by example.

Momhood isn’t easy and I understand how life happens and gets in the way but I also know that as you are mindful, there is time for you to work on your own personal goals whatever they might be. Just don’t get caught up in the mind suck that time us against you because Everyone has the sane 24 hours in a day, it’s just about how you utilize that time to make it more productive.

Most importantly just find time for you to take care of you and to work on your goals. You got this!

Be Awesome,


PS I often get asked from busy moms how I live the healthy lifestyle that I do. The secret? It’s simple. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to take up hours in a day. If you want to learn more about making a healthy lifestyle change that is simple, contact me here.