Walk through life confidently

Confidence: The feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of ones own capabilities.

Some times walking through life with confidence can feel so uncertain.  their can be times in our life where we feel inadequate or allow our limiting beliefs get the best of us.  We allow ourselves to compare to other people that can put a huge damper in our own self-assurance on measuring how we are doing in our life.

To walk confidently through life means giving up those fears, doubts, insecurities, inadequacies, and stop with comparison game.

Ways we can walk confidently every day:

1. Show up everyday no matter how hard or if it feels like no one in watching. Keep going.  The truth is, you never know who you are secretly helping or being an example to through the things you say or do.  This goes for anything, social media, blogging… etc.

2. Stop beating yourself up and give yourself a little grace. Confidence is having faith and showing yourself a little love during the seasons of life that seem to be going a little bit more slower than expected or things seem to be not turning out the way you expected.  Keep your head up high and have faith that everything is working out the way it should be.  The season your in might be a learning experience for you.

3. Do something everyday that stretches you and makes you stronger.  It can either be mentally, physically or both, but doing something that makes you stronger everyday is key. Read a book that with stretch your knowledge, or a workout routine that will stretch you physically.  giving yourself a little more stretch each day can be a big confidence booster.

4. Loving yourself unconditionally is a huge step in walking through life confidently.  If you learn to love yourself, you will learn to love life and others.  Affirm  yourself everyday that things you do are worth the hard work.  Affirm those things you want to feel everyday like joyful, or grateful.  There are limitless of possibilities but makes sure that they words that make you feel good when you say them.

5. Serving others can give you a great confidence boost.  Doing a small act of service like putting a kind note on someones car or doing something big like a service project.  Doing something good for others can really make you feel more confident about who you are.

I love this from Jen Sincero, “This moment is a vital part of a whole life that I am creating. What I chooses to do in this moment defines who I am and how I show up in the world. I’m dedicated to creating an extremely awesome life for myself, so I’m taking this moment seriously, getting the hell on it, and staying in excited expectation of the stupindouse hurtling toward me.”

Show up.  Create the life you dream of.  Stay confident no matter what.

Be Awesome,




Fearless Female

FEAR.  The four-letter bad word that I believe is just as hurtful as any other four-letter bad word you might be thinking of at this very moment.

To be honest, I know that word so very well.  I have lived in fear as long as I can remember.

Fear of dying when my best friend was killed in a car crash when we were 16.

Fear of not being good enough because as hard as I tried to fit in with groups of friends, or when I didn’t wear the “right brand” or when I chose not to do what others were doing.

Fear of being in my own head.  Sometimes my thoughts have been very dark and scary.

Fear of bad health.  I feared being overweight because that was something I knew all too well growing up.  My family was overweight, so I felt destined to be, too.

I feared for my own life when I was 25 in college and a lump was found at my yearly exam. My body went numb and I couldn’t move a thing… I even passed out.  So many appointments.   Finally, after following it for two years, it was classified normal.

I feared becoming diabetic after my gestational diabetes with my first son and had acquired so many health complications even after his birth that made me feel like death.  I lost a lot of blood that led to severe anemia that later got resolved by a blood transfusion.

I feared I was going crazy when I fell into deep anxiety and depression after my second son was born.  I had that feeling that the whole world was crashing down to the whole point I felt nothing.  No emotion. No feelings.

But what if you defied these odds that are against you and you turned it around to create a story that was more based on being FEARLESS?

Over time, I have taken these fears and used them to overcome and conquer these fears to create a more meaningful story of courage and bravery.

I have taken control over my health which has been the greatest blessing in my life.  I have learned to overcome that fear and feel absolutely amazing about myself physically.  It’s taken consistency every day for the last two years since my second son was born but I have defied these odds!  I recently ran my first half marathon and currently training for my first marathon later this year.

I have sought help to help me overcome the emptiness of depression and am coming out of stronger than I have ever been.

Every day is a new day to know your worth and your worth in God’s eyes is sufficient.  With each new day, I realize that I am ENOUGH.

You ARE enough.  Even as adults, we might still be trying to fit in in all the noise of motherhood, business, or who you are as an individual but know that no matter what you are brighter than glitter.

I’ve taken chances to start my own business in photography, health and fitness, and recently Bei: Be Beautiful with a mission to empower women that they are beautiful no matter what their story may be.

To me this is the definition of being a #fearlessfemale.  Taking your fears and turning them into strengths.  Taking that old story and turning it into something meaningful and beautiful that can help serve others.  Leading your family by example.  No matter what you’re going through, be fearless and remember you got this!

Be Awesome,