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10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

Spring is in the air and days are getting longer and warmer! Now is the time to refocus and get motivated back into your routine as we get back into the heated days of summer… finally!
Kick off spring and summer the right way by cleaning your pantry, gear, and motivation to get moving.
Here are some simple ways you can get started:
  • Set a schedule. Set aside the time you want to workout out each day and make it a committed appointment to yourself to show up each day at that time.
  • Team up. Getting in shape is always fun when you can team up with an accountability partner with the same goals as you. You can join a virtual group with like minded people who will help cheer you on. Want to know more on how you can join a community to keep you on target? Contact me and lets chat!
  • Upgrade your gear. It’s time to put away your colder weather gear and freshen up with lighter layers. Mornings and nights can still be a little more cooler, a lighter hoodie or light long sleeve will do. I love the swiftly tech long sleeves from Lululemon (find them here) they are a perfect transition layer! Also check your shoes it might be time to replace them. If more than 50% of the bottom is smooth trash them. I recommend a local running store that can help you find the perfect fit.
  • Clean out your pantry of all processed foods and replace with healthful items such as superfood shakes, whole grains, nuts, and dried fruits. Clean out your fridge and replace with fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.
  • Protect your skin with sun protection as you enjoy the outdoors more with at least a SPF 15.
  • Pump up your playlist with some fresh new favorites to get you motivated to get going.
  • Stay hydrated! So important as it gets warmer outside so you don’t get dehydrated. The more you sweat the more you loose water. Replenish after your workout with a hydrate supplement to get electrolytes back into your body.
  • Replace a day of working out with a day with hiking or swimming enjoy the great outdoors and some vitamin D.
  • Change your mindset. Setting goals when it comes to health and fitness can get overwhelming to the point we loose sight and give up. Instead of worrying about the number, ask yourself how you feel, how you are feeling about yourself is far more important than the number. Plus muscle weighs more than fat. Instead of counting calories, look at it as portions instead. I have been using the portion control system for years and it’s made it so much easier to eat healthier with my on the go mom lifestyle.
  • Self care. Don’t forget to show yourself love for the hard work you’ve done! Treat yourself to a message or a salt bath to treat your body because it deserves it!
It’s the perfect time to spring clean your routine just in time for beach weather. If you would like to know more on how you can clean your routine contact me and we can get you on the perfect routine!
Be Awesome,
PS Want to know more how you can spring clean your routine?  Contact me to find out more how you can join me in one of my virtual groups where you can get the accountability and help that you need to feel awesome this spring and summer.

Stop comparing yourself to others: own your story

It’s hard not to compare yourself to the person next to in our social media world. Everyone telling their stories on how they are surviving is thing we call life.
I’ll be honest, I am guilty of this. I think we all at some point in our lives start to feel overwhelm and insignificant at some point especially in what we have to offer in this world. We all are trying to make it, but there is always going to be someone whose better.
But we all have a purpose given to us. You may not think your story is as heart wrenching as some, but your story can be impactful to someone out in the world. There’s always going to be someone out there who can relate to you, that you will impact through your story.
So stop comparing yourself to others. Your story matters. Your purpose matters.
I’ve been thinking about my story as I had to overcome childhood divorce twice, overcoming childhood trauma and negativity, my best friend being killed in a car accident at the age of 16, overcoming depression and anxiety, almost dying with my first pregnancy all the while fighting for my health to combat becoming a type 2 diabetic. Through all this, I’ve lost my sense of self somewhere along the way. I’ve felt loneliness. I’ve felt pain. But through this I’ve lost my sense of worth and confidence in myself that of course leads to comparison. Because this was all I knew all my life. I’ve had to learn what self love was on my own with a close people that have been there supporting me along my journey. Through these trials, I have learned to come out stronger and be an exceptional wife and mom because of it.  I have learned tenacity and what it takes to take everyday and push myself further out of my comfort zone.
You have two choices when you wake up to live the day or be miserable. You can choose to live your life or go down the rabbit hole of comparison. It is true when they say comparison is the thief of joy.
Your story matters maybe you are reading this and have experienced relatable experiences. Just stop comparing your story!
I always need some reminders throughout the day to remind myself to stop comparing. Here are a few things that I do to remind myself when I start to get into the rabbit whole of comparison

1. Gratitude: being grateful for the life we have. In reality the people we are comparing ourselves to we may want something they have like talent but actually not really want the struggles they are going through. Being grateful for them showing you what your grateful for in your own life.

2. Focus on your strengths: focus on your own strengths and all the things you are capable of. Your strengths were given to YOU. Use them to serve others.

3. Be okay with being imperfect.

4. Have an abundant mindset!  Know there is plenty to go around.  Abundance is not limited to just certain people. You are worth of all life’s greatest blessings!

5. Have grace with yourself.  Know that you matter and that your story and purpose matter.

Remember comparison if the thief of joy. It Leads you down a lonely and dreary path.  Look at all that you are capable and give yourself a high five today for all that you have accomplished and how far you have come!

Be awesome,


7 Powerful Ways to Learn to Love Your Body

There many times in my life that I look in the mirror and see the person looking back at me and endlessly nick pick everything about that person.I was ashamed of the body I had.  I was embarrassed.  I hated how clothes fit me.  I was always so overwhelmed but didn’t know what to do. I had a problem with accepting myself for I was because I never felt cute or pretty.  I felt subconscious in everything I wore.  I didn’t know how to truly  love myself or my body.  I felt that the reason I never got further in life was because I wasn’t pretty enough or skinny enough get there.  I blamed my looks for a lot of things in life.  But now I realize it was not the way I looked at all but the fact I wasn’t truly loving myself.

My journey of self love has taught me so much.  To love myself for who I truly am.  That health and fitness is a tool to become stronger and to love myself for the way I push myself with each workout.  Having love for myself has  taught me to gain real authentic confidence in myself and loving the women looking back at me everyday.  The journey hasn’t been easy and there have been many moments of weakness.  But the way I feel about who I am now is worth the tears and moments that felt like defeat.

Loving your body is a hard thing to do especially in a society that sets so many unrealistic expectations on you.  Yes I believe in the power of moving your body each day because for one I’m predisposed to diabetes, I lived with family that had weight issues and saw the effects it can have on a person, and I love the way I feel.

If you struggle with looking the mirror each day loving the person looking back at you, there is hope in finding that true love for your self. Today, I am sharing with you some ways that have helped me overcome these struggles of loving my body in my life.  Know that you are not alone in the journey of loving yourself.

These are some of the ways that have helped me to love who I am today:

  1. Stop blaming.  Stop blaming your body and others around you.  You are in control of your thoughts and actions.  If you want change then make up your mind now to change and take action.
  2. Don’t live on a comment from elementary school.  Oh my gosh.  I remember when I was literally called fat in school by a boy. I let that one comment stew for years and let it affect how I thought about myself of how fat I was for years.  Just stop letting Bobby’s comment from 6th grade bother you at the age of 34.
  3. Every body is different.  This is hard one to digest but it’s true.  Every body is different.  My body is different than the mom sitting next to me.  If you want to loose weight, then love your body that you have now.  Show it compassion.  Don’t compare it to Suzy.
  4. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how incredible you are because you really are.
  5. Stop thinking you’ll be happy when…. I loose 15 ibs … hold that thought for a hot minute because it’s not going to take over night.  It’s going to take time but it will happen.  Be happy and celebrate your success along the way.
  6. Do things that make you feel exceptional.  Working out, personal growth books, self care, working in my faith all give me all the goods to make me feel alive and in love with myself.
  7. Stop comparing yourself to others and love the  the body God blesses you with!

Remember you are truly a beautiful person and compliment that person looking back at you everyday.  Go through each day with a smile on your face knowing that you are loving yourself for who who are.

Be Awesome,


If you are interested in knowing more about the tools that I have used that made my healthy mom life style easier, contact me for more information.

Powerful Benefits of Eating Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Today we live in a society that disease is on the rise.  Common diseases include arthritis, heart, diabetes, cancer amongst others.  When I was going through my journey with gestational diabetes, I became familiar with foods that are anti-inflammatory.  Inflammation to the body is the root cause for a lot of known diseases and with the help of anti-inflammatory foods, they can help alleviate or combat the inflammation in our bodies. Learning about inflammation made me realize how I needed to take step back from unhealthy food choices not only for weight, but for my body to function as well.  Incredible what our bodies can do for us and in return we need to be more mindful on how we nourish it.  It’s powerful to know what foods play a role in our bodies.

what is inflammation? Inflammation of the body  is a response that happens when your body is being attacked and it cannot function properly. Well just say that when the body is being attacked by invaders, antioxidant rich foods fight the invaders off.  Sounds like a Star Wars Movie but in the body to me.

Moving away from overly processed foods like fast food, soda, refined sugars, and processed meets, to eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, lean meats, superfoods, and whole grains are healthful to eliminate inflammation in the body. The produce drawer in the fridge is your best friend.  Fill it with green leafy vegetables, celery, Broccoli, beets, fruits like blueberries high in antioxidants, citrus.  Your pantry should be filled with whole grains like quinoa, farro, and nuts and seed like walnuts, chia seeds, and flaxseeds.  I drink a daily shake rich in antioxidants and perfect for helping with inflammation of the body.

Here is a list of more foods that can help with inflammation:

  • Tomatoes
  • Salmon
  • Olive Oil
  • Pinapple
  • Tumeric
  • Avocado
  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Bananas
  • Peppers
  • Apples
  • Shakeology

The nutrition plan that I have followed for last five and half years has helped me focus on putting foods rich in antioxidants and are anti inflammatory to the body.  With being high risk for many diseases in the family like diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer , its been a priority for me to really hone in on these types of foods. I eat 4 cups of vegetables and 3 cups or equivalent of fruit daily.  Sounds like a lot but in the big picture, I know that I am giving my body the nourishment it needs daily.

Our bodies deserve the best and from the best of the best of foods.

Happy Eating!


If you are interested to know more about nutrition and a food plan that is right for you, contact me here




Ways to Become Self Aware to Achieve Your Goals

One thing I have learned through my journey wether it be motherhood, my health and fitness journey or learning to navigate myself through anxiety, the first step that has helped me through is being self aware. Being self aware is the idea that we have self control of our behaviors. We are able to take a look and evaluate ourselves.
So why is it important? Being self aware can help you control your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. I have found that being self aware is essential and can help you have success in motherhood, leadership skills, establishing good healthy lifestyle habits or whatever path you may be on right now in your current season.
Through the process of being self aware it has help me to overcome negative thinking and propel myself forward in the growth process. I’ve been able to come to know myself just a little more and why I am the way I am. It’s helped to understand others.
Ways that have helped me to become more self aware with myself and have helped me to make better habits:

Personality tests- I know this may sound silly but really they help! I have taken the Enneogram test that is really hot right now amongst all the personal growth community. It’s a priest accurate test. It’s divided into types and my top two are type 4 and type 3. Type fours are authentic, expressive and creative individuals but can be can get depressed easily. Type threes are leaders, motivators, and goal oriented but can be total work alcoholics. Knowing my type called me too see my many strengths, but to realize me weaknesses so I can better work at them.

Journaling- journaling is a great way to connect with your thoughts. To get thought out on paper wether they be positive or even negative. It helps you to understand what you are thinking. Writing gratitudes or even writing down our current struggles has been proven to increase our happiness levels.

Daily self reflection- when you look in the mirror what do see? Look in the mirror everyday and compliment yourself on something… doesn’t matter what it is. Tell yourself something positive like your confident or beautiful. It sounds weird and maybe narcissistic to some, but the truth giving yourself that positive affirmation everyday gives your brain a confidence boost!

Ask questions- ask yourself honest questions like “how can I improve today?”, “how can I serve?” These can be great journal prompts to do before you start your day.

Write down your goals and track your progress- tracking yourself will help you see how far you have come.

Becoming self aware is a process but taking consistent action everyday will give you opportunity to really become aware of how you feel even in moments that you feel anxious and overwhelmed.
I challenge you to try these 5 steps this week and see how you feel!
Be Awesome,