Spring is in the air and days are getting longer and warmer! Now is the time to refocus and get motivated back into your routine as we get back into the heated days of summer… finally!
Kick off spring and summer the right way by cleaning your pantry, gear, and motivation to get moving.
Here are some simple ways you can get started:
  • Set a schedule. Set aside the time you want to workout out each day and make it a committed appointment to yourself to show up each day at that time.
  • Team up. Getting in shape is always fun when you can team up with an accountability partner with the same goals as you. You can join a virtual group with like minded people who will help cheer you on. Want to know more on how you can join a community to keep you on target? Contact me and lets chat!
  • Upgrade your gear. It’s time to put away your colder weather gear and freshen up with lighter layers. Mornings and nights can still be a little more cooler, a lighter hoodie or light long sleeve will do. I love the swiftly tech long sleeves from Lululemon (find them here) they are a perfect transition layer! Also check your shoes it might be time to replace them. If more than 50% of the bottom is smooth trash them. I recommend a local running store that can help you find the perfect fit.
  • Clean out your pantry of all processed foods and replace with healthful items such as superfood shakes, whole grains, nuts, and dried fruits. Clean out your fridge and replace with fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.
  • Protect your skin with sun protection as you enjoy the outdoors more with at least a SPF 15.
  • Pump up your playlist with some fresh new favorites to get you motivated to get going.
  • Stay hydrated! So important as it gets warmer outside so you don’t get dehydrated. The more you sweat the more you loose water. Replenish after your workout with a hydrate supplement to get electrolytes back into your body.
  • Replace a day of working out with a day with hiking or swimming enjoy the great outdoors and some vitamin D.
  • Change your mindset. Setting goals when it comes to health and fitness can get overwhelming to the point we loose sight and give up. Instead of worrying about the number, ask yourself how you feel, how you are feeling about yourself is far more important than the number. Plus muscle weighs more than fat. Instead of counting calories, look at it as portions instead. I have been using the portion control system for years and it’s made it so much easier to eat healthier with my on the go mom lifestyle.
  • Self care. Don’t forget to show yourself love for the hard work you’ve done! Treat yourself to a message or a salt bath to treat your body because it deserves it!
It’s the perfect time to spring clean your routine just in time for beach weather. If you would like to know more on how you can clean your routine contact me and we can get you on the perfect routine!
Be Awesome,
PS Want to know more how you can spring clean your routine?  Contact me to find out more how you can join me in one of my virtual groups where you can get the accountability and help that you need to feel awesome this spring and summer.