Health and fitness was always in back of my mind even before kids.  Growing up wasn’t easy.  My family wasn’t super into health and fitness and through this I experienced first hand what unhealthy habits can do to a person over time and its one of the hardest things to see to some one you care about.

I knew I wanted to live a better life for me and my future family, but the truth is, I didn’t know how.  Before having kids, I had the personal trainers, lost weight and all the things but after having to cut costs, I had to figure it out on my own and that is when the weight came back because I didn’t have the accountability, tools, or the know how.

In 2013, I found out I was pregnant with my first son.  His pregnancy was very challenging and exhausting.  I found out I had gestational diabetes with him and doctors told me if I didn’t change my life around I’d have it even after birth.  I retained so much fluid that my foot size expanded 2 shoe sizes! I had to adjust my diet, exercise (Yeah that was so fun when I was so heavy with water weight), go see a nutritionist once a week,  prick my finger twice a day, prick myself with a needle in my belly every night before bed, and see the doctors twice a week.  Man, it was relief when they scheduled my delivery.

It didn’t end there when I ended up with an unexpected c-section, baby going to NICU, and me with severe anemia for blood loss. Three days later after feeling I was going to die because I was so weak and not being able to see my baby in the NICU, I finally I had a blood transfusion and a nose tube (which by the was is the most unpleasant feeling and totally NOT needed).

This experience gave me drive to take the knowledge I learned during the pregnancy and gave me motivation to get healthy because I did not want another pregnancy like this again. So I did the things, got my butt out and started my running journey and continued working out at a local cross fit gym.

My second son Nate, his pregnancy I was doing all the things… running, push ups, wall balls modified burpees you name it.

After his birth, I ended up with severe PPD.  Nate blessed me with the gift of mental health.

With two kids, it made sense for me to start working out at home and I wouldn’t have it any other way with all the amazing tools I have in the comfort of my own home and don’t have to waste time on babysitting, or gas.

Many people have wondered how I find the time in my busy schedule and with two energetic boys to fit my work out in.  I am sharing a few ways  that have helped me to workout at home with kids.

1. Priorities.  I’ve made it a priority because I knew I didn’t want to live my life pricking the heck out of myself everyday.  If it isn’t a priority it won’t happen that simple.  If you want it to be a priority… Then just get up and get it done. No excuses. If it’s your priority, your kids will start to get it and adjust to your schedule. It’s all about the mindset!

2. Schedule. I do my workouts or running almost every single day at the same time.  This has allowed me to make it a habit and easily fit it into my life style and its helped train my kids to know when I work out so they expect it from me. It’s not an easy process, but over time it will start becoming part of your life style.  AND another tip I keep them 30-35 minute workouts.

3. Help! No Naps! If your kids nap, that is the perfect time to get focused, but if your like me and your kids won’t take naps, you still can make it happen.  Get creative!  My oldest Ethan will join in with me which is great because it’s teaching him how to be healthy. He even has his own weights.  Depending on how the day goes,  I’ll put Nate, my 2.5 year old) in his room for a quiet hour and get it done. If quiet hour/naps don’t happen, I turn on a show I know that will keep him occupied.  On push up days I let him get on my back for pushups (you can use your knees if needed).  Nate loves it and gets him involved too.

4. Don’t give up! Just find the system that works for you and stick with it.  The more you create it as a habit in your daily life, your kids will follow and start to realize it too. They will start to become your biggest cheerleaders and accountability partners. Ethan noticed during one of my recent workouts he could see I was tired. He says, “mom, I know your tired, but you got this!”

Making yourself a priority is hard… I know!  But I also know that if it is something you want to change, it CAN and WILL change and your kids for the better through being their example of what living a healthy life is all about.

Be Awesome,