Welcome to Bei Momenti!  Since Bei Momenti Photography started 4 years ago, so much has happened through out this amazing journey!  style growth, a new Bei Momenti addition (now 20 months!), and I have had so many opportunities to meet some inspirational photographers that I look up to and are inspired by, and I just launched our new living photo videos at my family and senior sessions!  So many great and wonderful things have happened and excited to see what the the future unfolds. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture your beautiful moments and unfolding your beautiful story! I am now booking for fall (yikes!  thinking about fall already? Are you crazy?!)  Yes its true, fall is the busiest time of year and sessions start booking up quickly!  The cut off date for Christmas delivery will be November 15th.  I will be offering my annual 25 Christmas cards with $300 min. collection order and also what great way to share with your family and friends with a living photo video of your beautiful story?  Contact amber@beimomentiphotography.com to book your session.

Now, introducing Ethan now 20 months!  Wow doest time fly when you have kids! Crazy!  I finally got him out to capture him for his year and half photos.  He is such a little turkey with so much personality and spunk.  Super smart too!  He was having fun saying “BAAA” to the lambs that where in the field with us, so he was quite distracted the whole time.  At 20 months, he loves reading books, eating pretzels, and loves to play hide and seek.  He loves to say “Mama” “DA” “Uh Oh” Thank you” “Bless You” “HI” Bye” “Diaper”. He loves to dance, especially his tio Javi Dance, and fist pump.  His favorite songs are, the wheels on the bus, if your happy and you know it, and a few from church. He is such a wonderful boy and so so blessed to be his mama.  He amazes me everyday, and keeps me motivated and inspired to keep going with my photography journey.  Much Love!


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