As a family photographer, not in a million years would I have seen myself playing around with the idea of food photography.  With today’s social media world, we are about finding ways to curate our squares on instagram and decided to give my squares a facelift with playing around with food photography.  Healthy eating is a part of my life that I have been passionate about sharing lately and I have been playing around with new healthy recipes and to be honest,  dressing them up and making them look pretty for a photo op has really been a fun way for me to discover a new side of photography that I may not have done before… ever.

I have been to numerous top restaurants in the US,  I may not be top chef like that, but it certainly has added a little curiosity into the world of food photography.  It’s has been a fun new way to use my creative side and figure out how to play around with color, light and placement in a whole new light while adding a new square into my instagram feed.

Here are some of the things I have been doing to create my food photos:

Color: depending on the recipe, I been playing around with color through gathering colorful pieces of dinnerware, kitchenware and/or using color by using ingredients around the dish that I used in the recipe for example a tomato and kale.  Using different items like ingredients, kitchenware, and dinnerware adds texture into the photo as well.  If its more of a monochrome color recipe, you can use whites, grays, or blacks for the monochrome look.

Presentation: You can create  fun presentation of the dish by putting the ingredients together in a creative way. For instance like a smoothie bowl, placing some of the ingredients on top like seeds, nuts, fruit, ect.  can create a pleasing presentation and even add texture.

Light:  I have been using my kitchen counter because I feel that is the space that gives me the light I like and has also let me play a little with light and shadow with the dish I am photographing.  It’s about playing with the area in which you feel gives you the best light for the look you are going for.

These are just some ideas I have been playing around with while experimenting with my food photography.  I am far from a professional at food photography, but been having fun doing it and sharing another side of life I love through my lens while trying some new, healthy things in the meantime.  I will call it a win!

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