I remember the days when working out for me was a struggle.  I’d make up all the excuses of why I couldn’t go.  I was the one that had the gym membership but never went.  I’d tell my self I’d start next week, next week came around and nope I wouldn’t go.  I had all the intentions to go but I lacked the motivation.  All I needed was to find my why I wanted this change in my life.  Looking at the cover of fitness magazines certainly wasn’t enough to motivate me.

I have found that overtime the steps I give you really helped to succeed in my health and fitness journey.  Starting your health journey can be HARD, I know.  I believe that starting a workout routine and keeping it is on the top of the excuses list.  You know you need to do it, but you don’t because of time, money, and the accountability isn’t there unless you spend the money for a personal trainer or group classes where at moments can feel a bit intimidating and you start comparing yourself to the other people around you… Yep, I totally understand that too.

So how did I go from unmotivated me to super women working out 6 times a week making it a lasting lifestyle change? Here are the ways that helped me get through the struggles and to see lifestyle change.

1. Find your deep why and just start.  Telling yourself you want to loose 20 pounds isn’t going to be enough to get you where you want to be.  You need something more powerful.  For example, you have no energy and wished you had more energy,  you are stressed out all the time and tired of feeling anxiety, or it can be a life changing experience like, finding out your diabetic, or you have a heart attack.  Sit down and really figure out that deep why.  For me it was I didn’t want my lids to live the unhealthy lifestyle I grew up with and because of a series of health issues that I am forever grateful for made me realize I needed these changes in my life. I just did it.

2. Start small and work your way up.  In the beginning, be kind to yourself and if you need to do the modified movements thats okay!  Don’t feel embarrassed everybody starts somewhere!  I started with a pushup on my knees until I felt confident to graduate to a plank pushup, I was excited when I could do one! Starting out small to get your body used to movement, getting used to good form with the movements, and helps prevents injuries. Starting small will also give you incentive to keep going because you’ll start get a excited when you can do 5 reps, 10 reps or 8 pounds, 10 pounds… you get it.  You will start to compete with yourself to keep getting better and better each time.  It’s a mind game I like to play and it has worked for me. And when you start to see results, you start craving more of it.

3. Pick workouts that you can enjoy.  For me I love cardio/strength training style workouts.  I love how they make me feel strong and help me release my stress and anxiety.  I love how I feel after doing one of these workouts.  I have a energy high.  Some days are hard to get through, but I play the mental game to get through it. I tell myself that its only temporary, I feel strong, confident and powerful.  If you love yoga do a yoga routine.  Like dance? do dance!  or If you like to experiment with it all go for it.  Just find the one thing that will get you fired up everyday to do it. I also blast my favorite music that helps keep going too.

4. It takes 21 days to create a habit.  This seems to be the magical number and it works!  I work out 6 days a week with Sunday being a rest day… unless I am super sick but most sick days I workout.  I formed it as a habit from the beginning.  It was a non negotiable from the start fo me.  I had to push through a lot of what others thought of me working out all the time in the beginning and now it’s expected and no one bothers me about it because they know its a part of my day. I scheduled the time the same time everyday when I first started. I went to the cross fit 4:00pm class during the week and went to the morning class on Saturdays starting out. When I switched to working out at home, I kept the same schedule because that was my workout time. This helped me a lot to stay on track and now 3-4:00 rolls around, I get to work. If its a priority, you will find the time

5. Do it for life. Following this steps helped me create a healthy lifestyle for life.  Eventually it becomes habit which turns into a lifestyle and becomes part of your day without thinking about it.  You just do it like driving a car.  When you first started you had to think about what you were doing… now it is habit and I am sure the only thing you think about now is rocking out to your favorite song while watching others on the road.

This is how I started.  It seems easy, but like with anything new, it takes time, patience, and the will power to do it even when it gets hard but there will come a time when its not even a second thought in your mind, you just do it like you trained your mind to drive a car.  It’s about training our brains to create this habit.  Once the habit os created, the less and less those excuses come,  at times they will especially if your going after an even bigger goal in your journey like a marathon but you just train your brain… this is how it is.

Be Awesome,


If you would like to know more about what I do and go into more detail how I created this lifestyle, contact me today and we can chat.