In9 today’s world we are bombarded with so many diets and “quick fixes” and to be honest, it all makes my head spin and confused.  Before I had kids, I was all about finding the one diet that would make me look like a celebrity quickly and I get all the magazines to know how, but they never worked for me.  I did all the personal training and cross fit training and the eating lifestyles they talked about seemed confusing or didn’t seem right because they were telling me not to eat this or that.  The biggest food group that most of them told me NOT to eat was carbs and I LOVED carbs!!  I thought there had to be another way.

When I was pregnant with Ethan, I struggled with how to eat while pregnant, I ended up eating all the ice cream and bread because thats what I could and wanted to eat.  After drinking the coveted glucose orange drink, I felt weird and not right very light headed and sick.  I wondered if this was normal.  The day after taking the test, I received a call from my OB letting me know that my sugar numbers were so high, I needed to get in to the nutritionist and specialist right away because I had gestational diabetes.  Both the doctors and nutritionist told me if I didn’t make lifestyle changes, I would end up diabetic after my pregnancy and after hearing of the complications I could have with the baby, I made the change immediately.

I made the changes.  I educated myself so that my second pregnancy wouldn’t end up this way.  I dedicated myself to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle.

My nutritionist taught me the fundamentals of balanced nutrition and benefits of it.  After 3 years of seeing her, I approached her with a plan that I had seen around and was curious to know her thoughts about it because she was very open with discussing with me about other diets out there and why they don’t work.  When I gave her this plan, she didn’t hesitate and told me that this plan was the same plan I was on just a more simplified to understand so I wasn’t counting calories like I was already doing.  She was impressed and told me unless something serious came up, she trusted me to move forward and do it all on my own.  That day I never looked back.

You want to know the secret?  Portion control.  It’s all about portioning your food in a way that throughout the day you are getting a balanced amount of nutrition. Portion control is not starving, it is fueling your body for your goals and energy.  With portion control, I am fueling my body every 3-4 hours just as I was when I was eating for diabetes.  Eating smaller portions throughout the day helps with blood sugar crashes, which if I do not do this, I will have a huge crash.  Portioning out your food throughout the day also helps kickstart you metabolism, which will help your body from storing fat.

Portion control is not a quick fix, but is a system that works over time.  You have to trust the process.

Portion control also helps keep you more mindful about the foods that you put into your body and I have had a huge shift in mindset because of it.  I still have sweet treats, I still have pizza, you name it just in moderation. That is the beauty of portion control, it isn’t necessary to delete a food group completely like a lot of the diets out there do like low carb/ no carb diets.  Unless you have a food sensitivity or a medical reason, there is no need to delete food from the plan.  I have carbs every single day and am in the best shape of my life but thats because I have a ratio of 40% carbs/ 30% protein/ 30% healthy fats along with veggies.

It about understanding the balance and amounts your body needs for your goal or maintaining your goals.

When I was seeing my nutritionist I was calculating calories everyday reading labels every time I go the grocery store.  Today, The system I follow makes it even easier for me to keep track.  I am excited to become a master coach of this system because I believe it works whole heartedly.  It saved my life and my babies life.

Want to know more about this system?  I’d love to help you find the plan that is best for you. Contact me for more information.

Be Awesome,