What does being consistent mean?  Consistency is an act the is done over time.  And to be honest staying consistent takes some dedication, a willing mindset, and to be willing to do hard things especially when it comes to keeping up with kids schedules and all the other things all the while keeping consistent with living a healthy lifestyle.

Since having 2 kids that have blessed me having to keep myself in check mentally and physically everyday, I have had to make healthy living a priority in my life. Keeping things consistent in the beginning is not easy, but being able to have the mental toughness to get through the beginning stages is absolutely the fight.

Today, I will be sharing some ideas that have helped me stay consistent along the way and keep my mental toughness to keep going even when I didn’t want too.

1. Set up your routine when you know when you will do it every day.  This is key to success.  Set aside the time and at the SAME time everyday. This has been my number one from the beginning.  Getting in my routine in at the same time everyday.  It really helped me stay focus and in keeping a consistent time of day everyday, has allowed my kids to know when it’s mom’s time so if they decide not to take naps… they know when mom works out.

2. Do the things even when you don’t want too.  Yes do it even when you don’t want too.  These are the days I find I need it the most.  I’ll do it even when I am sick as long as my body will allow it so I don’t get off track.  Plus it always has helped me recover much faster.

3. Be patient with yourself.  There will be days you feel like you could have done better or you felt like you failed and thats okay!  Do not allow uncontrollable circumstances or failures get you down… try again, tomorrow is a new day!

4. Focus on the process.  If you focus to much on the results in the beginning, your just setting up yourself for failure.  I would get up on the scale and be the same weight a month later and start crying… whats the point right?!  The point is its a process.  The point is to keep going because results come with time.  It took time for the weight to come on, so it will take time to come off.  Taking consistent action every day is key.

5. Find a routine you love and stick to it.  For me, I used to a gym rat but to be honest, after having kids working out at home has really helped me be more consistent with working out.  I found a set of programs that I love doing so much and have given more than just results physically, but have changed me mentally as well. If you do what you love, you’ll do it more often!

6. Don’t let your past self define who you are becoming.  Don’t allow your negative self talk get the best of you. your negative self will only try to get you to make excuses of why you CAN’T even though you CAN!  Don’t allow your past thinking define who you are trying to become because that person doesn’t want you to become better or feel better…so punch those thoughts in the face right away.

Keep going and know that taking action everyday will give you the results you want over time.  Once you get there, I promise you it is such an awesome feeling you have come so far and you will start setting even bigger goals for yourself.  Keep reaching higher.

Be Awesome,