The power of being brave.  What does brave really mean?  According to Google dictionary, brave as an adjective means ready to face and endure danger or pain, showing courage.

Maybe brave isn’t about enduring pain everyday, BUT it could mean doing hard things, getting out of our comfort zones and doing things that we know that scare the crap out of us.

Bravery can happen all throughout our daily lives.  Being brave to quite that job to stay home with the kids.  Being brave to start a new.  Being brave doing something new in our lives that has so many unknowns like starting a new business.

Brave maybe working towards a goal that people try to talk you out of because its a silly goal, but you do it anyways.  Being brave may mean you stand alone sometimes, but you know that what you are doing is the right thing to do.

My brother recently enlisted himself into the Navy.  For me that is pure Bravery!  To serve our country in ways that I could imagine myself doing.  Although he is my youngest brother, I look up to him for making the decision and doing a hard thing… something I wouldn’t have the mindset to do.

Bravery was when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes With my first son.  I had to overcome fears, prick myself daily to ensure the health of me and my baby.  I had to overcome weakness when I was brought in for an emergency c-section and had lost so much blood to the point I have severe anemia in the hospital.  I had to get over the idea that someone else’s blood would be transferred into my body… but It was a life or death situation.  I knew i was supposed to be there for my baby.

Bravery was when I was diagnosed with sever anxiety and live with it every single day.  Bravery is seeking help and allowing this weakness to become my daily strength even when it allows me to get myself down on my confidence and self worth.

Bravery was when I quite my job to work from home .  That was brave.  So many unknowns working for yourself, but I have learned so much about myself that I know that even it was a huge decision and not every day has been easy,  I’ve learned to get out of my comfort zone just a little more each day and push myself a little more out of the comfort zone.

Bravery equals strength.  The strength to endure through those hard things.  To find the blessings in the everyday and to be grateful.  To love yourself and not compare yourself to others. Overcoming the challenges of life and to learn to be strengthened by them rather than feeling defeated.  That is what bravery means to me.

Today be brave even when it may seem hard.  Find the strength to endure and find the bravery within. you never know what your beautiful life has in store when you have the power to be brave.

Be Awesome,