Personal Development.  It’s a term that for many means something good, or to others can mean something that they think is a waste of time and hocus pocus.  I come from a place where people in my life thought PD is hocus pocus and a waste of time.  It’s hard when people you know think your weird for wanting to read these crazy “self help books” but in my mind, if it is helping me get through my daily struggles and I am learning how to become a better person, and AM becoming better, then PD must work right?

I was introduced to PD in my early twenties.  To be honest I read some books, grasped the concept, but was a little unsure.  It wasn’t until my last semester in college when I read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” written by Stephen Covey for a business class.  After reading the book and having discussions in class, I was hooked and finally figured out the purpose for personal development and how it can really be used for individual growth.

PD for me has been part of my daily life consistently for about 3 years through books, podcasts, and audible.  I have grown so much as a person with a lot more joy and hope for life.  I read the “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod that got me into waking up early and getting into a morning routine habit.  Darren Hardy in the “Compound Effect” I learned that things don’t happen over night, but through consistent efforts each day, results will happen overtime.  Excuses ruin your life and are your reason for why you aren’t becoming the best version of you, thank you Rachel Hollis.

I see what is possible through personal development and finding the mentors through books and/or podcasts that inspire me and learn from them every single day.  The reasons I do personal development are a mile long but I will share my top reasons for you today:

1. Through personal development, you learn to become confident with your abilities and it pushes you out of your comfort zone.  If there is something massive in your heart you want to achieve, confidence is key.  I struggled with confidence for a good portion of my life.  Most wouldn’t see it on the outside, but in the inside I was probably the most insecure person you know.  I struggled with my self worth, and self esteem.  I cared about what others thought of me and still fall into that crap trap but when you have lived years of not knowing how to help yourself, its hard to break the cycle. But now I am more self aware and I can slowly get myself back on track with help through a book or podcast.  Being confident for the person I am and having self worth in myself has been one of the biggest dreams for me and everyday I am getting there.

2. You learn new things and grow as an individual.  PD can be for anybody mothers, entrepreneurs, students, you name it.  We all can use a little knowledge with ways how we can grow as an individual.  I started personal growth as a student.  Its helped me be a better mom, wife, entrepreneur, and maybe a sober raver too perhaps…because you don’t have to drink or do drugs to have a good time at a music festival as I have learned… yes I love to party in a good girl way.  But back to being real, PD is an investment in you and your growth.  Going to conferences are a great way to take time to learn and to grow if you get the opportunity to do so.

3. It gives you an initiative to take action.  PD is like its own type of drug and has a weird superpower that gets me to take action.  After reading the Miracle Morning, I was not a morning person at ALL.  For some reason reading this book got me up in the morning doing all the things.  I have done things I never thought I would do ever, like talk randomly at the phone to random people on IG stories because that stuff scares the heck out me but you know what, I am learning public speaking and people skills through it.  I gained more confidence in showing up everyday dressed or still in my sweats. PD has helped me push through so many fears, to be curious, and to take action in all areas of my life.

4. Personal Development develops strengths.  We are like an onion and with each new thing we learn about ourselves good or bad, we peel a layer of ourselves off.  PD helps you to focus on your strengths and to develop them . You go from being good to exceptional at it and reach your true potential.

5. Improve your self awareness. PD has the ability to let you see were you are at as an individual and helps you to know where you can improve.  Like the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I was able realize that I am a person of affirmation.  It’s helped me to understand others including my husband.  I have learned that personality tests like the Enneagram Test can give you insight on your personality and what your strengths are and areas of improvement.

Personal Development doesn’t have to be the a skeleton in the closet.  It really is a great tool for personal and business success especially if in one of the books you read has a chapter on sex… that author is not an author we talk bad about in our house.  As a matter of fact she is very much liked in our house.  Personal Development is personal growth.  there is so many great things that has come from focusing on personal growth everyday.  It’s really provides a road map to how you can improve in your daily life, it has has changed me for the better and I see the changes everyday,  that is my Why I love and life my life with personal development.

Be Awesome,