Today is LOVE day and I am so excited to celebrate the day with you!  What a wonderful day to remind ourselves to spread LOVE all around 365 day of the year!  I am bursting with joy to share with you this amazing beautiful family.  Amanda, A beautiful mom and local business owner of Western Wanders beautifully crafted accessories for pretty little girls and of course bowties for the little studs in our life.  I had an incredible time with her and her little tribe in their home playing and laughing.  Such a beautiful family inside and out!  AND they have some wonderful news to share… They are expanding their tribe in August from 3 to 5!

As a LOVE day treat, I interviewed Amanda on Motherhood and Love.

BMP: What surprised you the most about being a mom?

AP: What surprised me the most about being a mom was how full of love your heart actually really feels. It’s as if your life is just beginning and your heart could never be more full. Also that running on caffeine is a real thing. 

BMP: What do you find being the most challenging thing being a parent? 

AP: Patience. Children require an abundance of patient and just when you think you don’t have any more left to give, you have to remember that every move you make you have little eyes on you. Leading with love and by example is extremely challenging but so worth it.

BMP: What would be your best advice to other moms?

AP: Do what’s best for you and your family. Comparison truly is the thief of joy and if your constantly comparing your child’s stage compared to another’s you will never fully enjoy or live in the present moment. Be patient, love, and love some more. 

BMP: What is one thing you do that helps you stay balanced in your life? 

AP: Taking care of myself has always been a must. If I’m not in a good state of mind mentally and physically it is a lot tougher to get through the day. Make time for yourself even if that means drinking your coffee hot during nap time. Soak in every moment of your time.

BMP: What do you love most about Valentine’s Day? 

AP: I love spreading love! Valentine’s Day is just a day to remind you that you should be spreading love all year round! Also the sweets and pretty flowers are always a plus! 

BMP: Do you have a tradition? 

AP: We don’t have a tradition in our house but now that we have a daughter and soon to be two more Babes I want to come up with a yearly tradition for the kids that’s meaningful and not just about the gifts you receive. 

BMP: What was the best advice you ever received on love?

Love is work. It’s never all sunshine’s and rainbows but if it’s worth it then working for it should be all that matters. Forgive often and love hard! 

Thank you Amanda for sharing your beautiful thoughts today!  Congratulations on the exciting news!