It was only fitting that today’s Friday Photo tip would be about capturing motherhood because this beautiful mama gave birth to her precious little Hazel!

Capturing motherhood is such a beautiful thing to photograph wether you photograph your own life or you photograph clients motherhood moments.  For me, its about capturing the intimate moment.  A special moment of a mother with her child, a family laughing and playing together, or a moment of snuggles.

Capturing the raw special moments speak volumes and tend to tell a story of moments that were captured to be remembered for a life time.

I will tell a family to pretend like I am not even here at the beginning of a session.  I want them to feel like they can be themselves because that is when the best beautiful moments take place.

And for a motherhood tip for you,  I ask this beautiful mama what she valued about motherhood:

“I think the privilege of watching these little people that I created become their own person with personalities and preferences that they get to pick.  And that I get to eat all of their leftover chicken nuggets.”- Courtney

Be Awesome,