“Let your light shine before Men.” This year, I have made a big effort to become better at simple and small acts of kindness in my day to day life. Some of things that I found myself doing were helping someone pick something they dropped at the store, a simple smile or hello, or finding something to compliment someone. Not only did I find that it lifted that person up, but I found myself in a better mood that day!  This Christmas season, I am committing to pay it forward and continue to serve each day to help better light the world for the next 25 days. How will you light the world this holiday season?

There are so many small and simple acts of kindness that can be done on a daily bases from a smile or a compliment. I love to share 25 ideas that can be done each day until Christmas to shed a little light into someone’s life this Christmas and throughout the year to come.

  1. Give/donate something to someone that maybe in need.
  2. Donate to cause that helps provide safe drinking water. ( https://waterforgood.org/)
  3. Donate the skills you use at work to bless someone’s life on your day off.
  4. Deliver some goodies to a neighbor.
  5. Talk to your parents. Give them a call on the phone.
  6. Ask for a persons forgiveness.
  7. Make your child feel special.
  8. Be kind to someone for a week.
  9. Donate blood
  10. Share a favorite scripture or inspirational thought.
  11. Has a stranger ever done something nice for you? Pay it forward.
  12. Take dinner over to someone who maybe sick or pained.
  13. What brightens your day? Do that for someone else.
  14. Donate to a favorite charity.
  15. Know a family having a hard time making ends meet? Find a way to make it special.
  16. Donate some old clothes to a charity or thrift store.
  17. Schedule a time to spend some quality time as a family without electronic devices.
  18. Write down a persons positive qualities rather than focusing on their negative qualities.
  19. Send a personalized care package in the mail.
  20. Plan something to do with a person that has made your life more meaningful.
  21. Donate canned food to a local food bank.
  22. Send a person a note of appreciation expressing your gratitude for his or her example.
  23. Reach out to a person who may need a little joy in their life.
  24. Recognize the blessing you receive everyday and give thanks for them.
  25. How can the Christmas season stay with you throughout the year? Make plans or goals to continues to serve throughout the year.

May you find peace and joy this Christmas season and throughout the New Year.

And to end this post what more than to share these cute, amazing boys? These cute boys are what the Christmas season is all about… Showing so much love for life and each other. #lighttheworld.

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