I am setting here listening to the rain pour down, figuring out what to write…words can not describe this amazingly beautiful day I had in celebrating Logan and Kevin.  So that is why I overloaded this post with photos of the day.  So many beautiful details that was put into this one special day.  I had met with Logan a couple times through out the year going through locations and ideas where to photograph the days every detail (which made it easier for me going into the day knowing what our plan would be, but still doesn’t mean I was the slightest bit of nervous driving down to Carson from Reno).

The Property:  This beautiful property,  both the home and the fields, are privately owned by the Dressler family in the Carson Valley.  It was a photographers dream.  The fields where free for all for our use and I am happy we had narrowed the area down before the wedding day, otherwise I’d be all over the place and nothing would have got done with acres of property free to use.  I can not say it enough…  I had died and gone to photographers heaven this day.

The dress:  Okay lets talk about the dress! It was as gorgeous in person as it is in the photos.  Another photographers dream.  Logan looked stunning in the beautiful gown.  Yes it is was all lace!

The Basque meal:  I loved how the meal was set up family style to celebrate the basque heritage.  Long beautiful tables set up for everyone to sit together as a wedding day family, were decorated with beautiful florals and cards placed by each plate that talked about the property and the basque.  The wine was a wedding day speciality the Kevin and Logan had put together special for their day.  And the menu on back of the wine bottle? Brilliant.  Guests also had an opportunity to grab a traditional basque picon from the bar.

The Flowers: The flowers were so so beautiful and loved how they were organic.  Aster and Ashe did and incredible job with all the beautiful flower work from the wedding arch, to the bouquets, and tables.

The Desert: Donuts anyone?  Yes please!  AND YES I tried one, it was heaven!  That cake, so simple but so beautiful.

So many other wonderful people and details that made this day beautiful for this wonderful couple.  I am beyond grateful and honored for this opportunity that I had to capture these beautiful moments for them. THIS is what makes me inspired and love my job so passionately.  To be able to capture these beautiful memories and put them into an art form to be cherished for a life time.

Logan and Kevin are two of the most thoughtful, beautiful humans I have met.  I wish you two wonderful years to come!

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