I posted on Instagram about how our lives are like a blank canvas.  We are each given a canvas to choose to do with what ever we want with it.  We have the choice to paint our own beautiful story with imperfections or we can choose to do nothing with it and keep it blank.

This inspired me for this weeks Friday photography tip.  It has been so much fun taking the boys out and doing our own photoshoots during winter down time from regular photography sessions.  Down time is a perfect time to get inspired, go location scouting, and get the creative juices flowing, all the while I am creating and capturing my own story.

Last Valentine’s day my husband bought me my first tripod.  I always thought tripods where silly and for the really serious pro photographers.  I always classified myself as being the having fun and breaking the rules kinda photographer. Up until this last year being at home mom with Ethan and Nate, I have whole heartedly embraced the tripod.

I taught myself to use the tripod and timer on my camera. It has allowed me to create a story of me as a mom, with my kids, and telling my health and fitness journey.  

I set up my tripod where I want it to be and I will use Ethan as my focal point of where I want to stand.  I focus and set all my settings in my camera and set the camera on the tripod.  Most tripods are super easy to use.

With the knowledge I have learned by using a tripod and camera timer, I’ve been able to create self portraits.

I can do fun action shots with my kids.

Or just a fun snuggle photo with them wether they like it or not ha!

I have also been able to create photos to share my health and fitness journey too.

You can create such a beautiful story by using a tripod and camera timer and if anyone where to ask me what camera equipment is a must have… a tripod is at the top of my list!  It has been a such a blessing in my life!

Be Awesome,