Looking at photography today,  you might say to yourself if your starting your new venture as a photographer that the industry is so saturated and how will you ever be able to stand out in all the noise of photographers.

When I first started I thought the same thing and still think it sometimes, BUT the truth is, there is only one YOU.  Do the style that makes YOU happy.  I am guilty of trying to be the copy cat photog who tries to be like everyone else, use the same equipment, use the same settings, try to replicate the same images, and use the same presets and actions.  I may use the same presets as some,  but I tweek them to make them my very own.

As a photographer, it can be easy to loose sight of your creativity in todays high demand social media world and start loosing yourself in the comparison game… GUILTY.  Recently I got so caught up in the comparison game it made me anxious to think about what others where doing to the point I was asking what the point because I am not like so and so.

I decided to OWN my style because its me.  Its who I am.  I have taken a different hold on it, I am the subject along with my kids.  I decided to get creative this year and tell my story through my own photography.  I might as well if I have the skills right?  Being able to get into my clients shoes go out and take photos of my life in locations I would take a client has really created something more for me.

It is sparked a flame within to want to create more and to discover more of what I can do with my camera.  I have felt it has really helped me to focus on my photography rather than focusing on what others are doing.  I think this could be that I am focusing on how I want to tell my whole story on life (not just photography) rather than focusing on how many clients or sessions I have or other photographers have. Being able to do this has really allowed me spark some creative genius within.

Another decision I made this year to help my creativity is I joined a group of like minded moms in a IG photo group where each week we have a theme and we post our photo on our feed on Tuesday os every week.  Joining this group has really allowed me to dig deep into my creative mind and discover some new techniques I’ve never done before.

For example, this week was themed “RED”, perfect for Valentines week.  I put myself in my clients shoes, got all dressed up and even got a pretty bouquet made up to add some texture to the photo, and went to a snowy location.  I danced and twirled doing the things I would tell a client to do.  I felt beautiful dancing around in the snow with the pretty bouquet and red skirt.  

It may sound silly to put yourself in front of the camera like this ( I would have a year ago) but it helps so much to put yourself in the frame and see what will create from it.  You might come up with new ideas for creating poses at your next session or a great way to tweak your editing skills before you do it on an actual session. So many possibilities can come from you being your own subject. As side note, telling your story through your lens not only helps with creativity but gains trust with your future clien

One last thought is photograph often for YOURSELF.  I think this can go full circle with what I already mentioned but it such truthful advice.  As mentioned, I have gotten so caught up worrying about getting clients, trying to stick out in the crowd, and be like everyone else… I lost sight of me and who I am as an artist and created so much burn out.  When your burnt out, the creativity isn’t there.  Photographing for YOU is so refreshing to the soul and you can interpret it in which ever way feels right for you.

I am growing with photography and using it to tell a different story.  This is who I am as a photographer, wife, mom, individual.  This for me has created a new happy place.  Your art should be you.  There wasn’t two Da Vinci’s or two Van Gogh’s. There is only one you. So put on your red skirt, grab some pretty flowers, and go twirl in a pretty place because you are worth your own investment.

Be Awesome: